Saturday, May 10, 2008

"50 Ways to Impress Your Girlfriend's Parents" by Chef Trevor Bothwell!

Chef Trevor joined us for another round of a few of his favorites from his book.

The crew was put to work assisting with the Grilled Mozzarella Squares which would be the first course for the evening.

The baguette was coated and seasoned, and the stacks were built while the sauce simmered on the stove.

Here's the finished product. Presents beautifully and believe me, tastes even better!

Here's a few shots of our guests.

Chef Trevor "stacked the deck" with a number of friends being able to come out and join him for this particular class.

Even his "bride" was able to join us, seated at the far right (Thanks Amy, this kept Trevor on his best behavior!) You can see the garden salad with two variants of Vinaigrette being demonstrated this evening. Fresh is everything for a flavorful salad.

Watch that gentleman to the right!

The blender method for the dressing. This saves you on Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

Security let their guard down and here's misappropriate use of Onion Goggles in the store!

Look at that salad......

......and the Mediterranean Pasta which is a healthy, hearty Vegetarian pasta entree that is sure to please.

Not shown is the French Onion Soup which wouldn't hold still for a photo!
Thanks Chef Trevor for another wonderful class! He will be joining us with another great menu in the August time frame.

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