Thursday, February 8, 2007

Home Grown Italy Class
is in Session!

Chef Bobby starts the evening by
giving his philosophies regarding
how to customize recipes to your tastes.

After learning how to make Roasted Garlic
and Rosemary infused Dipping Oil
(For bread), we tried these delicious
Dried Fruit Spiedini al Prosciutto!
Then Chef Bobby explained how to prepare
a surefire crepe recipe...
...and it was time to get out the fry pan for step
one of the Manicotti Florentine.
The sauce was made with the freshest of ingredients.
The Manicotti filling was prepared and the crepes
were rolled, awaiting the sauce.

Class members took notes along the way...
....and the Tomato Basil Alfredo Sauce was
heated and served by James!

Everyone watched the blueberries being heated
to create the final entree.....
....which was a yummy Raspberry
Ricotta with a warm white Chocolate and
Blueberry Sauce. This combination was an
explosion of flavors!!!
Thanks to all for a great evening!!!!

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